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Welcome to 'This Coaching Tool' Website

This site has been developed to support you as you coach and help you leverage your coaching skills.

Although coaching is a relatively young discipline (mainly growing popular over the last 20 years or so), the strong view is that coaching should be highly individual or Coachee centered. In other words, coaching should be mainly about creating space for, supporting, and encouraging the person being coached giving him or her the necessary reflection time to come up with their own answers and then take responsibility for the choices they make. 

When we think about coaching at the most basic level, it mostly involves quietly asking well-crafted questions and then listening carefully to what is communicated in response.  Although this is often quite difficult for most leaders to do, the process naturally creates an opportunity for an individual to learn from a particular experience and then apply that learning in very practical ways in the future. As a result, the simple act of gently asking questions and then closely listening and watching is a great skill for any leader to develop. 

As a coach consider using the following as you seek to empower others:

The Online Coaching Database helps to easily record coaching sessions and to set future action steps. This coaching tool helps the Coach and the Coachee to stay in contact and plot their progress through confidential interactive dialogue.  It also allows the coach to see when actions are complete and struggles are taking place, etc…

The 360-Degree On-line Coach Assessment is used to evaluate a coach on the Nine Core Coaching Competencie. Based on the perspectives of the coach (or a coach-in-training), a supervisor (or a coach- mentor) and two (or more) people being coached, this research-based evaluation tool will allow the coach to view their strengths and possible areas of growth which will help in developing a regular Personal Action Plan.

The Specific Resources include the One Page Coach Storyboards which are designed for coaches as they work with others on their learning journey. Designed around a simple one- page structure, Storyboards aim to provide the coach with an integrated process for working on one of many topics in coaching sessions. Most of our Storyboards also have accompanying Coaching Guides which are a simple resource which a coach can use in any coaching session. They contain specific introductory notes and suggested questions that can be asked to help open up the conversation. These targeted questions and support coaching notes exist for all the frames in a coaching storyboard. The individual being coached can then refer to their own separate storyboard as a guide to the conversation which is likely to be over several sessions. The coach invites the individuals to think about application issues by asking the questions and probing further when answers are given. As these booklets can be used again and again, they are a very cost-effective tool for every coach who can build up their library of titles for a 'when-needed' basis.  You will also find Skill Builder Booklets which are short, sharp and succinct resources that provide the best thinking on a range of key leadership topics. They are designed to provide a practical method for improving skills and focus on explaining the main steps in the process. On the back page of each booklet, a template illustrates how the process fits together for practical and immediate application. They provide extra information if you are using our most popular Storyboards and Coaching Guides.

Finally Diagnostic Assessments are questionnaire-led instruments which come with full interpretive notes to help individuals discover more about who they are and what their style or skills may be. Good coaches make use of subject related assessment to help coachee get a good idea of where to start in their development process. Assessments can be purchased in two formats - online or downloadable.