Online Coaching Records

Online Coaching Records

Follow through is what transforms coaching into real results. Manage the progress of those you coach by keeping a record of the action plans developed in each session. This allows you to review the last session before starting a new session and to constantly adjust your approach to achieve the best results. Request more information  


360 Degree Assessment

360 Degree Image

There’s a big difference between hoping you become competent and ensuring that you become competent when it comes to coaching. Through a qualitative research project, we’ve discovered Nine Core Competencies that effective coaches practise, and we’ve developed a way of assessing these competencies.  Request more information.

Ministry Specific Resources

For over 25 years we have been working with expert authors, trainers and coaches to develop a range of ministry specific coaching resources that are now being used by Christian leaders, pastors, coaches and individuals around the world. These resources help coaches help coachees reach their full potential in ministry.  Visit our resource website

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